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Chantelle Tibbs was born in the small town of Vineland, New Jersey. She would pick okra with her grandparents and visit Cow Town on weekends with her family. Around the age of 14 she was placed in a girl's R&B group that was to be signed by University records. She was kicked out of the group because she was too tall. "The music was great but it just didn't feel like me." When she moved to California at age 17 in San Francisco she found a connection to Bluegrass, Americana music. "It reminded me of long car rides with my dad in New Jersey" fusing the Indie Rock of her current musical findings along with the sounds from her youth she and Eric Dudinsky of Mira Records came together to produce "Long Time Running"."Chantelle Tibbs, she is your meat and potatos in a world of GMO's". Chantelle's music has been selected for "The Last Alleycat" and the "All the Others Were Practice" soundtracks. The album "Long Time Running" will be released January of 2017. 

"... a flashback to the dreamy haze of Mazzy Star......However, there are times when it recalls the plaintive roots rock of the Cowboy Junkies."

"Chantelle has a flair for catchy melodies and a voice that draws you in and makes you want to hear more."

    - Ted Myers Rhino Records

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